• 30 Years experience in research, sales and marketing in domestic and international markets
  • Network of agri-business contacts in over 35 countries
  • Organisations assisted by Golden Meadow International:


               Hoechst AG, Germany

               Forum for International Trade Training

               Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

               Canada/Manitoba Business Service Centre 

               CDEM, Economic Development Council for Manitoba's bilingual municipalities

               Eco-West, a CDEM project

               ICTAM, Information and Communications Technologies of Manitoba

               ICT West, an ICTAM project 

               Ministry of Agriculture Food & Fisheries, Japan

               Manitoba Pulse Growers Association

               Canadian Special Crops Association

               Westeel Storage Solutions

               Pulse Canada                                                                                                                                  Roquette Frères



About Us

``I'm looking to diversify from our company`s dependance on the US market``.

The most important thing is to define your export goals

Opportunities for Canadian Products and Services exist in every economy


You can count on Golden Meadow International to assist you in seeking opportunities for your products and services.

Would you like to be better prepared for global markets?

Wouldn't we all? Information is the key to confidence in your export target market.

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Golden Meadow International Consulting & Training offers national and international market development assistance. We have played a small role in our clients' success stories since 1995.

Meet the founder:

François Catellier, President, likes to be the specialist in the background that assists companies in expanding their global reach.  Born and raised on a mixed farm, he brings that work ethic to the client, with a no-nonsense people based approach. Companies from around the world have come to François for solutions, information, market scans, and match-making.   

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